How to Release You Money Blocks: 9 Coaching Questions

The stories we tell ourselves about money over time influence how we earn and manage it.

These are beliefs that we have formed over the years and often act automatically in our subconscious, until we become aware of them and we are able to become aware of them and modify them, for our good … and that of our bank account!

How to Change Your Money Mindset

Being a coach, I dedicate a lot of space to the importance of the mindset, and I wrote a specific article on the money mindset itself.

This type of mentality is of fundamental importance because it influences all your decisions in terms of money: if you think that the world is a place of scarcity, that money is never enough, that only with hard work and physical fatigue you can earn honestly, that the rich are dishonest, etc … all of these ideas will lead you to behave in ways that reflect these ideas, severely limiting your earning potential.

In order to eradicate certain limiting beliefs, the right questions are necessary, and today I want to describe the 9-question method proposed by MindValley Coach Ajit Navalka. Ajit Nawalkha

1. What Is the Role of Money in Your Life?

With this first question we are referring to the fact that we usually want more money for specific purposes: buying a house, paying bills, getting married, traveling, going to concerts, buying books, raising children, collecting works of art, and so on …

Each of us has our own specific reasons for wanting “more money”, but “more money” itself is a vague concept. When will you realize that you have achieved your goal of having more money?

What is the role of money in your life?

In fact, money is a useful tool, it is a means of obtaining what we need. So the question you have to ask yourself is not just how do I get more money, but what do I need this money for? Why do I want more money? What is the purpose I want to achieve by having more money?

This is because many times we think we need more money, but in reality, we don’t even need the money: we just need what we believe money can provide us.

If we do not understand why we want to have more money, we risk chasing for life the desire to have more and more, without ever being satisfied and sacrificing our time and our values ​​to pursue an accumulation of money that is often useless: if we were clear with ourselves we might find that (sometimes) we actually need less money than we think.

2. What Are Your Beliefs About Money?

The second question is about your beliefs about money. I have already talked about it in another post since what we believe about money influences our behavior.

Often you can find yourself having wrong ideas about money, such as “money is not enough for everyone”, “if someone has too much money he takes it away from others”, “money is the root of all evil”, “who is rich is dishonest or petty”: all these beliefs limit your ability to improve your financial condition because they are hidden in your subconscious and are activated every time you deal with money.

All these ideas we have about money then influence the way we behave towards money, even the type of work we choose to do and the type of career we engage in, all reflect the idea we have about money. What Are Your Beliefs About Money?

If you think that money is the root of all evil you will always have little because having a lot of money automatically for your subconscious means being bad and evil dishonest people: if for you only the bad and dishonest have a lot of money obviously you who consider yourself a person good and honest you can’t have many.
So you have to be very careful what you think about money.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can read my post on the 8 Laws of Money.

To also understand what ideas you can have about money, think if you see in a newspaper, on the news or just walk by a young person who, for example, has a luxury sports car and passes you on the street, what do you think immediately?

What is the first thought that comes to your mind? For example, you may think “look at this thief!” or “Here is the usual father’s son who inherited and never does anything in life”…

Got it?

All of this ties into a third question. That is

3. What Conversations Were Common Around Money When You Were Growing Up?

As I said at the beginning if we grew up in a family where we heard certain ideas about money these ideas are not necessarily ours.

These are ideas that have been passed on to us by others, for example, thinking that money is the devil’s dung, money is the root of all evil, all the worst things are done for money, whoever has a lot of money is certain mischief and a dishonest, it is impossible to have a lot of money when you are young, to have a lot of money you have to work hard, money is scarce, money is a limited resource, there is not enough money for everyone in the world … etc…

When we are young our brain is like a sponge and above all what we hear in our house from our parents who are our points of reference, grandparents, uncles, closest relatives about money, risks conditioning us for the rest of our lives.

What Conversations Were Common Around Money When You Were Growing Up?

Sometimes, In fact, we do not have particular beliefs about money, but by dint of hearing certain things about money at home, these things affect us, even if we grow up in an environment that is perhaps very different: maybe we do the University and we also frequent a wealthy environment.

If, however, since we were very young children in our house we have always heard the same things repeated about money, within us there is always a root that leads you to have these ideas as a background.

These are the ideas that you have in your subconscious about money and therefore they are the kind of ideas that you need to change because until you change these ideas you will never be able to change the flow of money you receive in life.

If you associate negative thoughts with money every time you come into contact with money, this mechanism will activate within you so not only will you not make them, but if for example you have a particular talent and you will make a lot of money you will burn them all, you will lose them. all because your subconscious associates money with bad things and therefore wants you to get rid of it and wants that you are not together.

Obviously, your parents and relatives are not to blame for this, very often for them, these are themselves subconscious beliefs learned … from their parents, and so on.
The difference is that you are now aware of them, and therefore you can change them.

4. What is the Belief Around Money That You Are Creating?

This is a creative question in the truest sense of the word!
What are your goals for your life and your financial situation?

For example, I do everything with the goal of “virtually” retiring at 45 (now I’m 41). What is the Belief Around Money That You Are Creating?

Obviously, if I reach my goal at 48 I am happy all the same, the purpose here is not the goal itself, but the creative process that leads you to develop it, to raise the bar.

If you ask yourself “How can I make a million?” your mind will start to find ways to allow you to do it and it will start giving you a lot of ideas: the important thing is then you take them seriously and put some into practice!

5. What Are Your Money Habits?

The sore point when it comes to money! Your own habits!

There are people who make hundreds of thousands (or millions!) of dollars … and they are always on their bills!
In fact, the first thing to start from is always planning your finances:

How much do you earn? How often does your money come in? How do you spend it? Do you put anything away? Invest anything?
You should always know exactly how your money is allocated to learn how to manage it and be able to make it pay off to the fullest!

Are there any expenses that you can cut, or correct, so that you don’t run out of money at the end of the month, or is the problem that you are earning too little? If you are aware of the problem you can also solve it!

6. What Are the Experiences That Will Tell Me That I’m Living a Rich Life?

Living a Rich Life

This question is linked to the first one, but while that was more connected to values, here we are right on the more material level: associating money with joy, with freedom, what will you do with the money you will have?

What is that experience that will make you say “I’m rich!” and will it make you realize that you are on the right track?

7. What Is My Minimum Livable Income?

This question needs little explanation, you just have to do the math and see how much is the minimum you need to cover everyday expenses, so you know that, however it goes, with that amount you will have a roof over your head, food, and heating paid every month without having to worry about it.

It is the amount you need to live a quiet life without the hassle of bills or expenses.

It is the minimum below which you cannot go down.

Knowing this amount is important because it also helps you to evaluate a possible salary or how much you have to earn from your business as a base to feel comfortable.

8. If You Could Have All the Money in the World, What Would You Really Want?

This question is to make a mental snap from the classic “I don’t have the money / I can’t afford it”, to “I own all the money in the world”.

If you really had all this money, what would you do?
What would you really want to do if you had unlimited money?

The answer to this question puts you in a state of creativity and abundance, as well as making it clear to you what you REALLY want.

At this point, you just need to start creating a plan on how to achieve what you came up with!

9. If I Gave You $5 Million Dollars Right Now, How Would You Respond?

Here we touch a delicate key because for most of us the problem is not in not having the skills, abilities, or experience to ask for certain figures.
The problem is that we always think that we are not enough, that we do not deserve it, and we are unable to receive what is offered to us.

When I offered you the 5 million, how did you feel, what was the first thought that came to your mind? $5 Million Dollars

If the first thing that jumped into your head was not “Thank you, Miriam, you are really generous!”, but negative thoughts on how to think about paying them back, where is the catch, what would you like in return, why would you give them to me … these thoughts are the manifestation of your blocks in receiving and in your self-esteem, and they are the very ones that you need to eliminate to let abundance definitively enter your life!

Final Thoughts on How to Release Your Money Blocks

It was a nice roundup of questions!

Each of them is intended to lead you to reflect on the value and usefulness that money has for you, allowing you to step out of the cage of scarcity and limitation to achieve a mindset of abundance and prosperity.

Did they help you, was there any question that impressed you the most?

Write it in the comments!

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