Make Money With Crypto: the Stable One ROI DApp

WARNING: THIS ROI DAPP NOT LONGER EXISTS. The team has created a new ecosystem including Stable Fund, of which ROI Dapps are no longer part.

Talking about ways to make money online, today I want to introduce you to a method related to cryptocurrencies, the Stable One DApp. This is a poll on the Polygon chain where you can deposit MATIC or BNB to have an interesting return of 208% per month.
If the topic interests you, read on!

FUNDAMENTAL INCOME DISCLAIMER: This post is about a ROI DApp, a high-risk/high-return system. The possibility of losing your money is real. This post cannot under any circumstances be regarded as financial advice and no one can guarantee you any income.
Before depositing money, do your own research (DYOR), read the whitepaper, and audit. If you lose money, it will not be refunded to you: only use money that you are prepared to lose.

Is Stable One a Scam?

A ROI DApp is a decentralized application regulated by smart contracts, in which cryptocurrencies and tokens, such as Bitcoin, Matic, or BNB, are deposited/exchanged.
If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, do a Google search to learn more. As you continue reading, I assume that you know what I’m talking about and that you fully understand how it works.

Stable One is an absolutely legitimate project and not a scam!
IF you look on YouTube you might find people saying “I lost money on Stable One, so it’s a scam”, but these people are lying knowing they are lying!
These people haven’t read the whitepaper and put in too much money, hoping to become millionaires in no time, not interested in how a ROI DApp works and what you need to pay attention to.

Then they go on social networks to cry and complain about their own recklessness, accusing Stable One of being a scam.

Stable One is legit, but it carries with it high risks that you must know and be willing to take to get a high income. The main one is the exhaustion of the contract: once the liquidity runs out, the contract ends and if you have not withdrawn, you lose everything.

Always read the whitepaper and the audit, and check the Official Telegram Channel to know everything about it!

The Stable One ROI DApp

The Stable One ROI DApp is just one of the Stable World projects, an ecosystem born on the Polygon chain which in addition to the DApp is developing its DEX, its own tokens, and Dragon NTFs.  Stable One ROI DApp

Until March 15, 2022, it will be possible to purchase SRocket tokens and thus become co-owners of the project, which will become a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization managed by a network of peers, in this case, all those who own the SRocket token: this DAO/Token offers ownership of every project Stable One does moving forward. The Token supply is extremely limited at 100,000 MAX Supply, of which 65,000 are available to the public.

Dragons Den NFT is a utility-based NFT. Growing your Dragon gives you the chance to earn more ROI on your Stable One Stake. You also level up your Dragon to be able to fight other users’ Dragons for Rewards and opportunities in the upcoming game.

How Stable One Works

First, make sure you are on the right site (follow the link, there are many scam sites around!).

Connect your wallet and make sure you have enough residual to pay the gas fees.
Do your investment and implement your strategy to maximize your return!Stable One

The ROI is 8% Daily ROI for 26 days.

21% auto reinvestment every day. 25% reinvestment on withdrawal.

Every 24 hours, you can decide whether to reinvest or withdraw. 

If you choose to reinvest, 21% of your withdrawable amount is added to your initial investment, thus increasing your return day by day through the compounding effect.

If you choose to withdraw instead, 75% of the amount will be transferred to your wallet and the remaining 25% will be reinvested automatically, but every day you start from the beginning and you will have a slower accumulation of earnings day by day.

Only you can determine which is the best strategy for you to regain the initial investment and go into profit.
In fact, the invested sum, as in any ROI DApp, cannot be recovered, you can only get dividends and referrals.

How do Stable One Referrals Work?

As in any ROI DApp, you can only enter through referrals, and it is highly recommended, for the sustainability of the project, to create a community and always bring new people: this allows the poll to grow and last for a long time, allowing earnings to a greater number of people. Entering without bringing new people, perhaps by withdrawing every day, only damages the sustainability of the project and literally creates damage to your own bag!

After your first investment of at least 0.05 MATIC, you will receive your referral link and you can start inviting new people.

Stable One ReferralsReferral rewards are paid directly to your wallet and are due only for new deposits.

You can get rewards up to 5 lines deep (level 1 is the person who signs up directly from your referral link and so on up to 5 levels).

Summing up Stable One in a Nutshell

In this post, I have described to you a method to make money online thanks to cryptocurrencies, Stable One.
It is a ROI DApp that can give high returns (208% or more every month!), but at the same time, it carries high risks, so before you put any money into it you need to know what you are doing.

The project is absolutely legitimate and has been going on for over two months now, truly a record for projects of this type.

With Stable One you can have a 8%/day for 26 days on your deposit, and every 24 hours you can decide whether to withdraw or reinvest 21% of the amount earned.
For more information and to know the team and the community, you can join the Official Telegram Channel.

I hope to see you soon on Stable One to be able to earn together and don’t forget to leave me a comment for any doubts or insights!

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10 thoughts on “Make Money With Crypto: the Stable One ROI DApp”

  1. This way of making online money cryptocurrency seems to be the way people are moving and trading money. With crypto money it will be money that we can afford to lose and nothing big. We know we might lose so it will be money that we can throw away.
    We want to learn how to use the stable-one ROI to make the best income of course we will lose sometime but how else are we going to learn.


    • Guys, the right mindset is just that!
      Either I win or I learn! The first few times you approach a ROI DApp it is normal to lose something because you still have to understand the mechanism well, but it is something that you learn quickly!
      It is a skill game, whoever has the right timing and knows how to create a valid strategy will make more and more profits, a little at a time, up to playing in freerolls.
      The important thing to understand is that to make a profit it takes months of practice, so you have to start with small amounts that you are affordable to lose, and you will never have problems!

    • Thanks for your comment, but I have to disagree with your idea.
      Stable One is a totally legitimate project. They are the people who often throw their money at random.
      In life, if you want to get a lot of money, you have to study and become good at something: learning to manage risk in an ROI project is also a way to become good at something.
      Thinking of throwing reckless figures into a DApp, disinterested in it, and coming back and finding a million, is at least … naive.

  2. I am still new to crypto, would you suggest this for a beginner? Also, what is the minimum amount to invest? If possible, can you share some resources on your website where I can learn the fundamentals of investing in cryptocurrencies. Thanks for sharing information on Dapp

    • Hi Satz!
      Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend DeFi to complete newbies, it’s too “far west” for those who don’t really know what they’re doing!
      To learn, I always recommend following the Official Telegram chats (Stable One has a fantastic community, where they teach you how to profit), NEVER reply to messages or calls that want to help you reset your wallett (they are scammers) and follow courses and the advice of those who know what they are doing!
      In Stable One, the minimum amount is 0.05 MATIC or BNB.
      Thanks for the idea on the basics of investing in crypto, I mainly follow Luca “The Crypto Gateway”, but he is Italian! Now I do some more international searches and then post them!

  3. Hey Miriam,
    Thanks for this Stable One review. This is very interesting!
    I have some Matic staked at 12% and BNB staked at 5% with very low risks. Both are backed by cold storage wallets.
    Can you please explain more about the risks?
    The obvious one I can think of is if the developers take your deposited crypto and run.
    What are the others?

    Also, how is it able to offer such a high return? So where is the income coming from for them to offer and pay these high returns?
    Thanks in advance! John

    • As in all ROI projects, the earnings come from the investments of those who come later, so you earn as long as there is liquidity in the contract. If everyone withdraws, the liquidity runs out and whoever is left behind remains “with the match in hand” and loses everything!
      The DApp has been running for more than 2 months now, so the devs are tested as reliable and are implementing new features, there is no rug pull on the horizon !!
      The more people join the CB, the longer it lasts and offers everyone gains for a long time, allowing even those who arrived later to recover at least the initial deposit.

  4. It was a fascinating read.

    It is a very good source of money, but it is not without risks. One must be certain that the risk is one that they are willing to incur. The risks associated are not stated in this post. I would have liked to have seen the risks associated with this investment outlined.

    Furthermore, I have some queries concerning several topics about which the blogs do not provide information.

    Is it possible to earn without bringing in people, or is it necessary to bring in people in order to make more? Also, how does the organization generate the earnings or revenue that is used to pay the daily ROIs? Is the source of revenue long-term?

    Thank you for this.

    • Hi Femi!
      The main risk is inherent in the nature of the contract: being an ROI project, as long as there are new investors who provide liquidity to the smart contract, you continue to earn, but since there are no new investments and everyone starts withdrawing, if you are not careful the liquidity ends and you lose your money.
      For this they are considered high risk projects, you CANNOT deposit money and forget about it.
      At the same time, however, if there are continually new investors, the liquidity pool could last for months, giving everyone the opportunity for excellent profits.
      Even if you don’t bring in new people you still earn, the only thing down is the referral fees.


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