Money Mindset Secrets: Psychology Behind Money Management

You know the kind of people who always seem to live on vacation and turn everything they touch into gold?

I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but since I was a child I’ve always wondered how people could be rich.

Growing up and studying I learned a lot about it, in particular, I discovered the money mindset secrets!

So get comfortable and take notes, because it will be a very interesting read!

Money Mindset Secrets



First of All… What’s The Mindset?

Psychologist Carol Dweck defines Mindset as “The way of thinking and the set of our beliefs about ourselves and the world” (we can refer it as our MENTALITY) and she distinguishes two different types,


By FIXED MINDSET Dweck means that kind of mentality for which you cannot change, our characteristics are innate and both talent and defects are carved in stone.

The typical phrase of those who have a fixed mindset is “That’s how I am, I can’t do anything about it”.

For people with a fixed mindset, others and the world are perpetually judges, enemies, opponents.

Any criticism or setback is seen as a failure, a terrible wound, as they do not believe they can learn anything or improve: everything is already written and decided for them. Each request for help is experienced as an unforgivable weakness to be ashamed of. You have to constantly win, or you are worthless. Obviously, this mentality turns out to be harmful and unproductive and does not lead to anything good.

By GROWTH MINDSET, instead, Dweck indicates that kind of mentality for which people are firmly convinced that everything can be learned, and if not all, most of the things!

Those with a growth mindset never give up, they are curious and love to learn continuously. Others and the world are seen as friends, allies who urge you to give your best and always correct the aim to improve and grow. Precisely because they love to change and develop, they have no problem asking for help and โ€œcopyingโ€ from those who know best and can give them a hand in anything. This type of mentality characterizes willing people, full of ideas, willing to commit and get busy, and they know how to recognize the same enthusiasm in others. For them what really matters is having tried, having committed. The result has a relative and secondary value to the commitment.

And Then… What Is the Money?

Have you ever wondered what exactly money is? Pay close attention to the first answer that comes to your mind, as it reveals your beliefs about money.

If you want to know, money is just a tool, a means that allows you to get what you want.

Money itself is neutral, and it is certainly a positive thing since it allows us to feel good, to warm up, to nourish ourselves, and to pursue our dreams. 

Money is not the goal, the road to wealth is not the obsessive idea of earning money, but of being of help to others, of solving problems for others. Money is an asset that allows you to do what you want, it has no sense held in place or accumulated, it is only useful if it’s in motion.

How to Shift Your Money Mindset

Our way of thinking and our beliefs are reflected in the way we think about money, how we manage it and earn it.

These are all programming of our minds that we have acquired over the years, especially in the family.

If your parents always told you that “money is never enough” or “the only honest job is hard work and sacrifice”, “the rich are all thieves”, through constant repetition ever since you were a child, and if you don’t have had different examples, your subconscious has internalized these teachings, and today that may have led you to convictions of scarcity and discomfort regarding money, thus developing a fixed money mindset.

To make you understand the concept better I want to borrow Gandhi’s thought:

growing money

Your beliefs become your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your values.

Your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Gandhi

Since the time of school we have been taught to get good grades, maybe a degree, and find a job, a “safe” job.

But no employee job can be defined as safe, and Covid has sadly shown us this. As we say in Italy “for sure there is only death and taxes”: everything else is questionable.

The publicized security that’s supposed we have to find on the outside, is actually to be found within us.

I don’t know if in your life you have ever been fired, or if you had to struggle to find a job: if you do not have within you the absolute certainty of your worth, of your abilities, this thing can destroy you, you will feel failed and demoralized.

  1. The first thing you need to do is find within yourself the absolute certainty of your worth. You are enough, you always have been and you always will be.
  2. Secondly, even if it is natural to do so, you should not ask for financial advice from friends and relatives who do not have a penny, but if you want to develop a correct money mindset, you must follow the advice of those who have already achieved what you want to achieve, and get taught. You have to be coachable! Rich people read a lot, they love to learn to improve themselves every day.
  3. Third, you need to be responsible for your life and actions, and not constantly look for excuses to blame the outside for what is wrong with your life. Precisely, it is your life, you decide how to live it. 
  4. Finally, never forget that money is a pleasant side effect as a result, it is never the goal to be pursued.

The secret of money management … is that there is no mysterious “secret” to be discovered, but precise actions to be carried out with perseverance, patience, and commitment.

People who manage their money well know how to postpone gratification and take risks when necessary.

Try to imagine our life as a journey in which we ourselves drive our vehicle: sometimes the road will be winding, but it will turn out to be a shortcut, sometimes smooth and smooth, but deadly boring.

Some will start with an advantage in a nice sports car and others will have to travel on foot for long distances.

What I want to convey to you is that it is always US who decide where we want to gosuccess

The mindset of rich and successful people makes them able to ride the ups and downs of life without being dominated by it or let down by the negative phases: they are proactive people, who take action and think quickly and efficiently. Their thoughts are always positive-oriented, they perceive themselves as valid, worthy people, and they do not waste time on something for which they realize they are not talented, on the contrary, they devote themselves with a passion to what they do well, to become excellent at it.

They study, they make mistakes, they learn, they start over again, but they don’t give up: they know that this is the real secret because in the long term the sweet fruits of commitment are reaped.

You Can Start Today

If even until today your mind has not been your friend, nothing is lost! Everything you do and know is linked to the environment you grew up in and to the programming received from your unconscious, and once you become aware of it you can change them, starting today.

First, from now on, whenever thoughts of lack of money come to your mind, start asking yourself “How can I …?

  • How can I earn more?
  • How can I save for my goal?
  • How can I find the consistency and motivation to save each month?

The question “How can I …?” is very powerful because it forces our minds to look for new possibilities and is one of the best questions to undermine a fixed mindset.
As you already know if you follow my posts, you need to ask yourself these questions in writing and not just think about them. Writing makes concrete what is abstract inside our mind, gives it clarity. It also activates psychological mechanisms that I’m not going to explain to you now, but I’ll do it in a special post.

5 Strategies to Develop a Growth Mindset

As you will have learned by now, everything we do and also the way we relate to money is linked to our mind, to our mindset.

You’ve seen how a fixed mindset prevents you from getting the success and happiness you deserve, so now

I want to pass on to you what I learned from one of my mentors, T. Harv Eker, about the 5 strategies for developing a growth mindset, so that you can apply them today and improve your relationship with money and your life in general! journey in the wood

  1. You Are Awesome. Yes, YOU are a miracle and an amazing person. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, you have every right. You don’t need to be perfect because none of us are (models and actors use Photoshop!)
  2. You Cannot be Fearful in the Present Moment. Fear is the anticipation of pain, but you cannot have fear living and staying focused on the present moment, on the now. Do not overthink about what will be tomorrow, because tomorrow is a mystery. Stay focused on the present moment and on what you need to do right now to get what you want.
  3. Provide Value While Doing Something Big. Think big with your dreams, but start small, taking one step at a time and, as if your success were a ladder, focus on the step you are on, then move up to the next. Start with the first step as you think about your vision, take one step at a time and you can achieve everything. It’s like taking a journey through a forest, you know where you want to go, but you don’t know the way, so you have to go slow.
  4. Nothing Has Meaning, Except for the Meaning You Give It. This is a tough thing to understand, but once you internalize it and make it your own, it can really change your life. There’s nothing out there. Everything that happens is neutral, as I explained to you about money. It is your thoughts and emotions that make sense of things. It is your thoughts and emotions that make sense of things. It is your thoughts and emotions that make sense of things. (Harv recommends writing it at least 4 million times to make sure you internalize the concept!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ). How you look at everything makes the difference, nothing is going on until you get there. Remember, YOU create your own reality. YOU decide where you want to go in life, your mind will just follow. So give her the right instructions to get you where you want to go, and she will execute, she was made for that!
  5. Everything Happens for a Reason, and That Reason Is There to Serve You. Life happens, s**t happens. We all know that and we all are saddened and bothered by the bad and unpleasant things that happen. But if you begin to understand that everything that happens to you makes sense and wants to teach you something, you begin to realize that life happens FOR you, not TO you. It is you who give color and meaning to each event, and you can begin to wonder what the universe (life, destiny, divinity … call it what you want) wanted to teach you with what happened. What have you learned, what will you use from now on to improve your life?


A correct money mindset is that set of beliefs and thoughts about money, and it is related to your general mindset.

If you have a growth mindset, your relationship with money will also be positive. To develop a correct attitude you must first become aware of your value as a person, then you must take responsibility for your actions, follow mentors and remember that money is only an achievement, not a goal in itself.
Speaking of mentors, you can follow T. Harv Eker’s advice to improve your attitude.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on these money mindset secrets and how you fare with the money mindset!

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6 thoughts on “Money Mindset Secrets: Psychology Behind Money Management”

  1. Hi Miriam
    A really power article you have here about money and mindset. I used to think people are born rich until I discovered it is all in the mindset not where you come from. I like what you are saying about words and thoughts manifest themselves, so if you want to change your situation change your thoughts and the words you say. That is powerful! This is a great article I have enjoyed reading it I have book marked it for future reference. Thank you so much!

  2. 3,999,000; It is your thoughts and emotions that make sense of things. 4,000,000 Yah, I get it! haha.

    So true! Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom.
    I grew up with a limiting/fixed/negative mindset, and it’s been an interesting journey learning how to change it.

    The good thing about changing our mindset to a growth mindset is that it will improve all aspects of our lives, and not just our financial wellbeing. So it doesn’t matter if we are focusing on improving our relationships, boosting our confidence, or up-leveling our skills, it is our whole being that benefits.

    I like the “How can I…” concept as a way to begin retraining our minds to look for solutions instead of staying stuck with the problem.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts,
    Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrew,
      I’m proud of you for only repeating it 4 million times!
      It’s true, changing our mindset is like a journey that ultimately lasts a lifetime! I am happy that it can be helping!

  3. Hi, Miriam. I read your post from A-Z and I have to say I am amazed. It is so relieving to find an article that SHOWS SOMETHING VALUABLE. Especially in today’s fast, SCAM and conspiracy producing low quality content. Growth and fixed mindset is something what define us as persons, not just in relation to money (even though significantly yes). When I look at my own life, for the good 20 years, I’ve been in fixed mindset, the last 10 years I changed slowly to growth mindset and I feel much better. On top of that my results are much better and I am happier. I think the first mindset is given by parent education very often, and if not right mindset, one should ASAP leave the parent house. Great reading, Miriam. I bookmarked it.

    • Thank you so much, Julius!
      I try to give my readers the maximum possible value, I have been coming for 30 years in which I have never “felt enough”.
      For 11 years now with a long (and never finished!) work on myself, things are changing for the better and what I intend to do is offer people my point of view as a graduate in psychology, mindset enthusiast … and money management!
      It is true that our mindset influences us in every aspect of life, our thoughts draw it for us!
      Feel free to write me whenever you want!


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