The Laws of Money: 8 Ways to Attract Prosperity

Today I want to talk to you about the 8 laws of money theorized by Joe Vitale.

I never get tired of saying that making money and knowing how to manage it in the best way to make it pay off is first and foremost a matter of mind: if you don’t have the right mindset, you can read all the books in the world, take all the courses, follow the best mentors. .. but you will always find yourself at the starting point!

Obviously, we’ve all been through this, so so it’s just about getting into the right state of mind!

Attract Prosperity Into Your Life

Money Loves Speed

The first and biggest stumbling block to overcome is precisely this: wanting wealth and prosperity on a subconscious level, that is, FEELING YOU DESERVE IT.

Many people (I am the first) struggle for years with the feeling of not deserving beautiful things, of being unworthy of love, of success, of wealth.

This often happens because of how we felt as children, but today as adults we are ready to attract prosperity into our lives, leaving behind the old unproductive ways of thinking.

To do this, as well as clearing ourselves of our limiting beliefs, we can become aware of the 8 Laws of Money as Joe Vitale theorized them: if you want to deepen the subject, you can also read his book Money Loves Speed, in which he also provides excellent advice on how to save or get money if you are in a difficult situation.

There is no need to learn the 8 Laws of Money by heart, the important thing is to read them and reflect on them, taking the actions that your intuition suggests to you to improve your financial condition.
In fact, remember that wishful thinking alone is not enough: action must be taken!

Money Loves Freedom

“Money as not believes about you: YOU have believes about money” Joe Vitale

Money is a neutral tool, it is just paper and coin. It is not bad, or evil. Money cannot manipulate you or make you a greedy or bad person.  The Laws of Money: Money Loves Freedom

Money is just … money! A useful tool to get everything we want and need. Sometimes, in fact, we don’t even want money per se, but what we can get with money.

Many of the negative ideas we have about money are not even ours, but they are programmed into our minds from an early age by parents, friends, and the media: movies, cartoons, comics often represent the rich as greedy, misanthrope, or grumpy.

And of course, each of us wants to be loved and liked by others, so if the image of the rich is negative, your unconscious doesn’t want to be rich!

Now is the time to free yourself from these ideas, to do so you just need to become aware of what you have and realize that they are wrong ideas that do not allow you to be free to attract prosperity into your life.

Money Loves Speed

When an idea comes to you, you must act immediately to put it into practice, without hesitating, or thinking about it a thousand times: these hesitations are often due to our limiting beliefs, which we must get rid of: the Universe in its infinite wisdom does not make mistakes, so if it suggests we do something, it is because we have all the skills and tools. The Laws of Money: Money Loves Speed

As it comes to you, the same idea reaches thousands of other people at the same time, and only those who are fast get the benefits. At the same time, however, if you think about it, not everyone has the same ideas. So if it’s your turn, you have to act.

It is also often said that the first to put an idea into practice are also those who earn the most money (think of the colored masks with the arrival of the pandemic), and if you are here reading my site it means that you want to learn how to get more money!

So think about it … what is the Universe telling you when you think you want more money?

Starting e-commerce? Write a self-published book? Manage a site where you discuss topics that you are passionate about?
Create a new object or service that can be useful to millions of people?

The time has come to step down and act on these ideas, starting to turn them into reality, because money loves speed!

Money Loves Appreciation

When you have to pay taxes or bills, what do you usually think?
Are you sad and nervous or are you happy that you have the money and appreciate what you are paying?The Laws of Money: Money Loves Appreciation

Do you ever thank the money for the goods and services that allow you to enjoy, like a good meal, the electricity, the heating?

I ask you these things because we tend to attract not only what we think about most, but the frequency in which we are: if every time you pay something you complain about it, and think negative things you will get higher and higher bills. If instead, you thank the money for coming to you and let you pay, guess what you will get? More money!

More money can mean lower bills, a pay raise, an unexpected payback … The Universe has a lot more imagination than we do!

A famous Italian singer, Gianni Morandi, in his song “Se perdo anche te” (tr. If I lose you, too) begins by saying “I will never cry on the money I spend, I’ll get back maybe more“, this is the mentality you must have (in fact Gianni is a millionaire)!

Appreciate the money that comes into your life, and when it leaves, thank him for being with you and tell him “Come back with your friends”!

Money Loves Attention

How do you treat your money? How do you keep them? How did you spend it the last month?

Paying attention to money does not only mean recognizing it, knowing how to distinguish it and keep it well but also knowing what you do with it! The Laws of Money: Money Loves Attention

Are you using methods to make them pay off and make sure that every single dollar of yours can bring you more dollars?
When you spend your money, do you keep track of how you use it and where it goes?

If you don’t know how to manage it, you can use the jars method, which teaches you how to best allocate your money for all your needs. This way you can start paying more attention to your money and you may discover very interesting ways to avoid wasting it!

Money Loves Energy

The second of the 8 Laws of Money says that money loves speed, and how can you be fast if you don’t have energy? The Laws of Money: Money Loves Energy

Eating well, resting enough, doing a minimum of movement are necessary to feel good and thus have the energy to carry out your projects. Having physical and mental energy are necessary conditions to attract money into your life because dedicating yourself to your projects requires a lot!

Furthermore, sometimes it is necessary to take some time to disconnect and recharge in order to be able to start again with greater momentum!

It takes a lot of energy, for example, to carry out a seemingly simple website activity: you have to find the contents, optimize them for SEO, write interesting things in an interesting way, find the images, insert the links … and for many months, you must do it without having ANY economic return from this, thinking of the greater rewards that this will bring you in the future.

Maybe you even have a 9-5 job to carry on and a family … it takes a lot of energy! Physical, psychological, emotional … so take care of yourself!

Money Loves to Circulate

The best way to get a lot of money … is to spend it!
It seems a counterintuitive concept, after all, I myself always say that you have to learn to save!
But the two things are not at all, in contrast, in fact spending the money does not mean wasting it!

It just means that when you have the urge to make a purchase and you have the money to do it (you’re not going to get into debt), you don’t have to hesitate, you have to spend!
If you have enough money but are hesitant to spend it, you are communicating that in your subconscious you believe that money is scarce, that you can’t get it back, that you don’t believe in yourself and in your ability to make more money, and that’s just the kind of mindset you don’t have to have! The Laws of Money: Money Loves to Circulate

Also remember to appreciate every penny you spend, after all, even if you get a fine, it still means that you have a car!

Another way to circulate the money is to donate it! If you dedicate 5% or 10% of what you earn each month to donate it, you are transmitting vibrations of wealth, abundance, and self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter to whom you give them: to the Church, to a neighbor in difficulty, to voluntary associations, to the kind waiter who smiled and served you well, to the taxi driver who accompanied you to the front door … the important thing it is giving and making money positively impact your life and that of others.

Money Loves Respect

The Laws of Money: Money Loves RespectMoney is not a bad thing!

If you had a broom and someone used it to beat you, would you say the broom is evil? An instrument of the devil?
Of course not, you would think that the broom is a useful cleaning tool and one person used it to beat you.

With the money the same principle applies, it is a useful tool, but it is neutral. It is the use some people make of it that makes it look negative. But thanks to money, hospitals are built, many people are fed, it is possible to warm up in winter and cool down in summer. Anything you can say to money except it’s a bad thing!

If you don’t respect money, how do you think you do it? In your subconscious mind, you will tend not to want it if you consider it to be something bad and bad! Respect your money!

Money Loves a Mission

“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies!” Walt Disney

Your aim is not to want more money for the sake of having money, but to have a positive and useful impact on people’s lives: this will lead you to have more money. The Laws of Money: Money Loves a Mission

Walt Disney had the purpose of his life to make animated films, what is yours? Find out and pursue it!

Conclusions on The Laws Of Money

Now that you know the 8 laws that govern the influx of money into our life, you are ready to use them as little seeds to let germinate in your mind.
Did reading them give you inspiration, ideas? Make sure that these little seeds can grow by taking targeted actions towards your success!

If you want to deepen Joe Vitale’s thoughts in this regard, you can enroll in the Awakened Millionaire Academy, where these topics are treated in detail and deepened.

For any opinion, comment, or request for help, leave me a comment below, it will be greatly appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “The Laws of Money: 8 Ways to Attract Prosperity”

  1. I need to learn to give thanks for all the money I have because of the awesome things I can do and buy with it. I love the fact that I can go on holiday, buy new clothes and eat delicious food because I have the money to do so.
    I also love the fact that more money comes in… more is always being created, and there seems to be an unlimited supply for all of us to enjoy.

    Yes, you are right that money is neither good nor bad. That distinction comes down to the way each of us uses it.
    Thanks for sharing these insights.

    • Hi Andrew,
      it is true, we often underestimate the money we have, we take it for granted because in the desire to have “more” we do not realize what we already have and that compared to others is already a lot!
      But only by learning to appreciate what you have, you are ready to get more!
      Thanks for your comment!


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